Interview: Crow People

CROW PEOPLE came from some pit village near Doncaster but they seemed to play an awful lot of gigs in the ‘industrial garden town’ of Scunthorpe.

I first remember coming across them at one such packed, sweaty gig in the mid-Eighties, although when I ran into Mark (who now has a teenage daughter and a career as a teacher) at the Flux gig at the 1in12 in Bradford last year, he told me that we’d actually met a good few years before when I was wandering around the Arndale in Doncaster, trying to sell records I didn’t want to unsuspecting punk rockers. It’s news to me.

Although they only released a couple of records throughout their career, they never got any press attention (apart from the stuff I wrote myself) and were barely known outside our little patch of South Yorkshire / North Lincolnshire, Crow People were a tremendous live band.

I used to get absolutely blasted, sit on the floor cross-legged and spin-out to their chugging, swirling, psychedelic space-rock. Way fucking cool.

I even ended up putting them on in Leeds, at this mad Leeds Abortion Fund benefit at Leeds Poly with the Wedding Present offshoot the Ukrainians and LS6 indie-sirens Sharon. Coming through a decent PA, Crow People just sounded extraordinarily powerful and intense (though the evening was marred when, at a crazy post-gig party at the Sharon girls’ house, one of their knobhead mates from Donny had an argument with his missus and trashed Paddy’s bedroom ). Their lack of recognition always baffled me.

They released a couple of records on Armstrong’s Meantime label but I have no mp3s for you, I’m afraid. I lost my copy of Cloud Songs years ago. Anyone has a spare, or even photographs of the band, well, you know where I am ..

In the meantime, here’s an interview I did with Mark for GRUNT magazine in 1988 ..

Read the rest of this piece at the new home of Expletive Undeleted here.

2 responses to “Interview: Crow People

  1. I saw this band at Bletchley near Milton keynes. Around 1987-8
    I was completely off my head on acid. Then these 3 guys got on stage, they looked and smelled like haystacks.
    Then they proceded to blow my mind.
    I had a wire on the tape deck ( the sound guy at the club was a friend of mine) so I listned to it again when i was straight. I still couldnt believe what i was listning too.
    I’ve tried finding some of their stuff on record since but never had any luck. I had a scratchy copy of cloud songs but my whole music collection got nicked, sadly the tape of that amazing night went at the same time.
    I am shocked at their lack of recognition too.
    I can see that this was posted long ago, if you have had any luck getting any sounds could you let me know? thanks

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