Hyperbole: God bless America

“WE’RE supposed to be a republic, that’s what we were founded on, not a democracy, dumbass. Now, thanks to morons like you, we will be neither ..”

I managed to provoke this comment from one of our online colonial cousins the other day (needless to say, I’ve tidied up the punctuation and grammar), when I opined that the democratic process means that sometimes the other guy wins.

Our angry and inarticulate friend was, of course, referring to the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States or, as he viewed it, the coronation of Pope Obama I.

I usually subscribe to the view that no-one with the ability to really effect change would ever be allowed within a mile of the Oval Office but this guy somehow seems to have slipped through the security cordon. Like pretty much everyone else in Europe, I’ve fallen for the Obama hype hook, line and sinker.

He’s got a big job ahead of him, not least convincing the rest of the world that the bad old days of idiocy, corruption and stealth-fascism we endured under George W Bush have finally gone. But simply electing Obama in the first place has given the US more good PR than it’s had in decades.

So this one is for you guys. Thanks very much for getting rid of that fucking monkey (or at least having a constitution which allows you to get rid of that fucking monkey after two terms). Maybe we can get onto the important stuff now – signed, the rest of the world.

[I wanted to use Dr Nina Simone’s superlative version of this song but, inexplicably, it’s unavailable on YouTube, so here’s a version by another bad gal diva, Rachel Hylton from last year’s X-Factor. I think it gets my point across.]

And if not, here’s Maya Angelou.

What else is making the world a better place as we hunker down for what looks like being, despite the joyous events across the Atlantic, a very long and bleak winter?

Read the rest of this piece at the new home of Expletive Undeleted here.

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