Interview: Flux of Pink Indians*2

UNLIKE Spinal Tap, Colin Latter, Kevin Hunter and Martin Wilson didn’t have any unexpected chart success in Japan to tempt them into reforming Flux of Pink Indians. But they did have Steve Ignorant.

Although there had been many lucrative offers to get Flux back together since the band split in 1986, it was the chance to appear at last year’s Feeding of the 5000 spectacular – where Ignorant and an all-star backing band performed the whole of the incendiary debut release by Crass at Shepherds Bush Empire – that finally did the trick.

“First of all we said we’d think about it, thinking that the guy would go away and we wouldn’t have to worry about it,” says Latter, who barely seems to have aged a day in 25 years. Only after “some very serious consideration” did they agree to do the gig and even then you get the impression that they didn’t really understand why.

As Latter commented on the Southern messageboard at the time, “Moment of madness? Dunno. Punk defined my life, so a chance to make a racket once more was too tempting.”

“I think it was the fact that it was Steve,” says Kev Hunter. “That was the single most important thing, that he was someone that we admired and respected so much. I don’t know if we would have done it for anyone else.”

“Obviously, if the gig had nothing to do with Crass, we wouldn’t have done it, but the fact that it was Steve kinda swung it for us,” agrees Latter.

“It shows you how in touch I am,” laughs Martin Wilson. “I just thought, Shepherd’s Bush Empire? Us? No way. There’s no way we’d fill a place like that, us and Crass. Who’s going to want to see us these days?”

Read the rest of this piece at the new home of Expletive Undeleted here.

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