Interview: The Three Johns

Postal interview alert!


FACT: Jon Langford was a founder member of the Human League.

Fact: John (Philip) Brennan shaves 11 times a day.

Fact: John Hyatt has one enormous giant hand and one normal-sized hand.

Fact: If you haven’t heard the screaming geetar-noise pop of the Three Johns and liked it, no, loved it, then – I must be frank – something is lacking in your life.

The Three Johns alphabet

A is for Abstract Records
“Level-headed, non-wholemeal independent home of gifted young politicos (attractive), ready to compete with Marillion on the doorstep of Jonathan King’s 1986 ugliness revival”. “Two interested, tolerant, fun people”. “Capitalist scum”. (see Pop Music)

B is for Beefheart
A person worth listening to. He is much better than everyone.

C is for Crowther
“Indeed”. “Exhumed face of insidious corporate TV fascism”. “Ex-host of Crackerjack (a very old chap)”.

D is for drum machines
“Drummers are often terminally mis-represented as loud, ugly, stupid drunks whereas they can often be very fat, loud, ugly, stupid drunks”. “They need paying and stuff”.

Read the rest of this piece at the new home of Expletive Undeleted here.

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